With more than 60 years, MOVEME is today one of the most important Portuguese companies in the furniture industry, placed in an area of 26.000 m2.

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With more than 60 years, MOVEME is today one of the most important Portuguese companies in the furniture industry, placed in an area of 26.000 m2.

A remarkable corporation in an adventure of business success, leaded us to be the “mother company” of MOUTINHO & MOUTINHO GROUP which detains other related companies such as INTEREME.

This allowed us to provide a wide range of all types of products in the furniture and decoration market with a permanent showroom of 2.700 m2.

Our furniture defines the identity of MOVEME because of the unique design and vast range of different materials and finishes such as wood, lacquer, glass, LEDs, ceramics and others, offering the possibility of customization.
We also focus our creative resources and the productive activity in the contract business, developing projects such as hotels, commercial areas, residential and etc.


Moveme was founded in the year of 1959 in a small warehouse where the main activity was the finishing of the furniture for subsequent commercialization.

Over the years Moveme has prospered and in 1994 is moved into an area of 26.000 m2 being now capable of performing all processes to manufacture furniture.

This experience allowed our company to adapt the range of proposals to the market showing the ability and skills in gathering the most fashionable and important inputs worldwide.

Research Innovation Development

Design, elegance and confort engaged in a contemporary lifestyle has always made part of MOVEME’s identity.

The company always focused in the stylistic and 
technological research, seeking the best interpretation of contemporary lifestyles and tendencies, offering 
different possibilities, ensuring always the best quality, customization and competitiveness.

To MOVEME, the constant pursuit for innovation is an important challenge, where design solutions are studied and translated into the profile and the needs of each client guarantying the expected quality and satisfaction on the predicted time.


Our industrial unit was planned to insure quality products and a working method that retains the attention of the genuine expert of furniture, combining ancient wisdom with continuous technological innovation of production lines. 

Despite of our industrial unit is technologically well equipped, in order to ensure high production levels and an effective performance, we keep it flexible to be able to attend any situation, such as specials projects of small or large scale.

The computer system implemented allow us to make a tight management of all processes, in order to ensure that a component produced today will be able to be produced in the future with the same characteristics.


We don´t have a unique production process but several, according to the product´s range. We cansay that in general terms our company is more specialized in the manufacturing of  veneered and lacquered products.

We produced all the necessary components using as basis the production orders to ensure a minimum stock, that allows us to fulfill the requirements of the finishing orders, based in the requests of our clients, allowing us to work in a just in time system. 

Environmental Sustainability

The importance given to a sustainable design prompted MOVEME to adopt a design approach that combines technological innovations and attention to the resources.


We have eliminated practically the use of dye stain in the finishing process; 

We use lacquer free of heavy metals and high content solvent.
We do not use wood of protected forests.We use a packing conceived to facilitate the separation, recovery and the recycle of the materials

We are aware of our social responsibility  therefore we have adopted a policy that seeks to protect the environment, allowing a genuine sustainable development.

Social responsability

One of the pillars of MOVEME’s industrial philosophy is the attention given to the persons, understood as individuals and such as communities.

For this purpose, Moveme tries to understand the different needs and requirements, managing a series of initiatives to improve the lifestyle in and out of the company. 

We pay special attention to the new generation, the next leaders of our society, with the goal of promoting a synergy between education and work, allowing the stimulation of creative capacity. 

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