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MOVEME seeks to develop concepts that exceed your expectations of comfort, quality and design combined in one unic lifestyle.

Most of our products such as bedside tables, cabinets and other items can be mixed in the same ambiance maintaining the same language and identity , so feel free to combine them with your favorite headboard.


Luxe headboard has triangular shaped upholstered elements that go along the width of the sideboard. They can be done in our fabric or in our synthetic leather. There  are several standard widths to choose from.


With Artic collection you will be able to create various combinations amongst the wide range of elements and finishings.


Ankara headboard combines wood and upholstered elements, creating a natural contrast between them.
Highly customizable, this collection will certainly adapt to your  bedroom


The elegance of this headboard is presented in the simplicity of the geometric metamorphosis between the form of the padding and the wood. Refinement and visual balance make this headboard the key element of any room.


This luxurious headboard is composed of several geometrically shaped elements.
Its upholstered elements are enclosed by  a stainless steel frame, which accentuates  its contemporary look.


The central element in checkered material makes this bedside a true icon by adjusting to any type of contemporary or traditional environment.


In addition to its strong identity, it is mainly through its flexibility and versatility that HOME gives life to different configurations in terms of finishes and dimensions, making it absolutely irresistible.

It is a combination of styles characterized by a continuous harmony between different elements, providing comfort and peacefulness.


Myra’s cushioned headboard, made of several vertical elements, and the quality of the materials used, make it certain to provide great comfort.

The bedside table and dresser have clean lines and customizable interior trim, providing several different material combinations.

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